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РТС 1 - RTS1RTS1.png

RTS1 (РТС1, "Први програм РТС-а", "Први канал РТС-а" or "Први - Јавни сервис Србије") is a Public Service of Serbia TV channel operated by RTS.


RTS2 (РТС2, "Други програм РТС-а", "Други канал РТС-а" or "Други - Јавни сервис Србије") is a Serbian public TV channel operated by RTS. It focuses on culture, in addition to offering music and sporting events. Parliamentary sittings are also broadcast live on RTS2.
Though on average it doesn't draw high viewership, RTS2 often may win the viewing day with special sporting events or special parliamentary debates. RTS2 also broadcasts children's and educational programmes and reruns of old Serbian drama and comedy series.


RTV Pink or Radio-Television Pink (Serbian: Радио Телевизија Пинк, also known as TV Pink or just Pink) is a popular, privately-owned, national TV network in Serbia. Pink is the leading commercial station in the Serbian television broadcast market. TV Pink has gained a strong reputation for its entertainment programming. The station offers a compilation of international/domestic movies (blockbuster, action, thrillers, drama, comedy), American sitcoms, dramas and Latin telenovelas, as well as locally produced talk/variety shows, and lately domestic sitcoms and reality shows.
TV Pink's parent company is the Belgrade-based Pink International Company, a member of the Pink Media Group (PMG), which is owned by Željko Mitrović. PMG also owns leading terrestrial television stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (TV Pink BH), Slovenia (TV Pink SI), Montenegro (TV Pink M) and Macedonia (TV Pink 15). Over the years, PMG and Pink International have provided programming from Pink TV, Pink BH and Pink M to Media Systems GmbH (Austria) for two global satellite channels (Pink Extra and Pink Plus). Additionally, Pink International has cooperated with Serbia's largest cable operator, Serbia Broadband (SBB), to create nine direct-to-home (DTH) satellite channels that include Pink, Pink Plus, Pink BH, Pink M, Pink Extra, Pink Kids, Pink Film, Pink Action, Pink Movies, Pink Family, Pink Music, Pink Folk, Pink SI and Pink 15.


Prva or Prva Srpska Televizija or 1Prva (Serbian: Прва српска телевизија, on English: The First Serbian TV Station) is a Serbian commercial television network.
Launched in December 2006, the network is owned by Greek Antenna Group since December 2009. From its inception until December 2009, the network was majority owned by global media conglomerate News Corporation. From its foundation until September 2010, the network was named Fox televizija. During its time under News Corp, it also closely co-operated with News Corp owned networks in neighboring countries such as bTV in Bulgaria and Fox Turkey, sharing production capabilities on specific projects and making use of their experiences.
Fox televizija's CEO for the initial 3 plus years was Dan Bates. In March 2010, three months after Antenna Group took over the ownership from News Corp, the CEO duties were handed to Dejan Jocić.
In March 13, 2012, Prva Srpska Televizija has celebrated 2 years of work.

PТB Б92 - RTV B92B92.PNG

B92 (Serbian: Б92) is a radio and television broadcaster with national coverage headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia. The network's key demographic is chiefly urban and young audience. Its programs, including the news cover topics with fairly liberal political painted attitudes. Veran Matić is the CEO and one of the founders of B92. Dragan Đilas was also one of the founders of B92, he was a news editor at the station. In March 19, 2012, B92's logo was "The Cube in Suprised Girl", when the letter b is now lower-case.
The station was a rare outlet for independent news and information in Serbia under Slobodan Milošević, and was a force behind many demonstrations that took place in Belgrade during the turbulent 1990s. Due to this, B92 won MTV Free Your Mind award in 1998, and many other awards for journalism and fighting for human rights. B92 is the subject of the best-selling book This is Serbia Calling.
In April 2008, B92 launched their second TV channel with 24 hour news coverage named B92 Info. This channel is cable only.

ТВ Авала - TV AvalaAVALA.PNG

TV Avala (full legal name: TV Avala d.o.o., Serbian: ТВ Авала) is a Serbian television network with national frequency. Registered as a limited liabilty company, the station was given a national TV frequency in Serbia in April 2006.
Five months after that, it premiered on September 17, 2006. With its editorial policy, TV Avala initially reminded many[citation needed] of the old RTS' third channel (3K), which ceased operations in 2006.
After using the conventional format of movies, news, and sports for its first four years on the air, the network made a substantial turn towards business news in March 2010.
With headquarters located in the Belgrade municipality of Savski Venac, TV Avala broadcasts 24 hours a day.

ТВ Кошава (Срећна Tелевизија) - TV HappyHAPPY.PNG

TV Happy (Serbian: (Срећна Tелевизија)) is a former Serbian television station with national licence. It broadcasted across Serbia in time-sharing with children's channel Happy TV, and then merged into this TV, and now bears the name of Happy TV.

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Also exist in the regional television, city television, cable television and sports television

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